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REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM : Un Trojan développé par Hacking Team au service des gouvernements..


#Anonymous #OpTyler U.S. Call to Action – YouTube

via #Anonymous #OpTyler U.S. Call to Action – YouTube.



Citizens of the United States.

We are Anonymous.

In recent months press and Occupy protesters have had their first amendment rights infringed upon, as members of the house and senate continue efforts to subvert your constitutional rights. As if the patriot act weren’t unconstitutional enough, the National Defense Authorization Act threatens to declare the United States a war zone and allow indefinite detention of Occupy protesters. The National Defense Authorization Act passed the U.S. Senate with 93 Yay votes and only 7 Nay votes, the bill was sent back to the House and is now known as H.R.1540, it is being sponsored by Rep. Howard P. McKeon and co-sponsored by Rep. Adam Smith.

First Amendment liberties are also being threatened by the Stop Online Piracy Act, a deceptively named bill that would allow the Attorney General to censor viral communication and shut down access to media on the internet. There is no way for this bill to stop online piracy, as those who pirate data would be able to easily insert the IP Address of foreign piracy havens. However the bill is worded in such a way that live feeds and other media can be shut down by the U.S. Government on the mere suspicion of displaying copyrighted material, even music playing in the background could provide sufficient excuse to shut down independent media. The bill was introduced by Representative Lamar Smith and has recieved broad bi-partisan support.

The Protect IP Act introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy proves a similar threat to free speech, and has received similar bi-partisan support.

In addition to these gross attempts to censor personal liberty, Mayors and Police Chiefs across America have issued illegal orders in violation of first amendment liberties to suppress peacefully assembled protesters.

The number of crimes being committed against U.S. Citizens and the U.S. Constitution exceeds the scope of any one group to deal with in a timely manner. If you value your civil liberties you must defend them, and so we issue a call to action, particularly to our fellow anons. Dox those who seek to violate your civil liberties, leak any damaging information you can and make their open secrets public knowledge. We also encourage employees of companies supporting violations of civil liberties to accumulate and leak any damaging information, especially if you have insider knowledge of illegality. If there is nothing else you can do, share this message to all who can..

In the description of this video you should find basic dox of those who support the destruction of your constitutional liberties.

We are JACKSFREEMIND in cooperation with #OpTyler, calling any anon who can support our efforts. Leak all corruption.

We are Anonymous.
We do not forgive censorship and corruption.
We do not forget violations of civil liberty.
Expect us.


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